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"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates

A therapeutic approach towards a better future

My journey into helping and healing began in my early twenties when I completed my first Reiki course. Reiki has been part of my life and my vision ever since. This form of alternative therapy emerged in Japan in the 1800s and works on calming overactive minds and bodies using the hands. The technique brings patients peace and healing in the gentlest and most surprising ways.
Since then, I've advanced along the Reiki path and am now a qualified Reiki Master.

To deepen my knowledge, I continued my studies to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist and Art Therapist with specialisations in hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). This has given me a solid understanding of how the mind works and why we do what we do. It means I can propose personalised solutions: a greater understanding of your past can empower your future.

Specialised in the grieving process

My thesis focussed on the grieving process and highlighted the positive influence of individual therapies to enable a new beginning. Grieving can take many forms and be linked to numerous changing circumstances, like losing a loved one, divorcing, losing your job, moving to a new house or country, going through adolescence, in fact any situation that involves change.

My experience in this area has confirmed my belief that asking for help during this complicated and highly personal experience can help to process the emotions that you're feeling. It can help you lighten the burden and reach a happier future faster.

Consultations tailored to your individual needs

I tailor sessions to provide you with the help you need, drawing on a variety of tools. Examining your past experiences and identifying patterns and repetitions is part of the process.

But my focus is always on moving forwards rather than dwelling on the past. The aim is to help you to build confidence, hope and enthusiasm about your future. I offer a caring, non-judgemental approach and work to help you unlock your full potential, drawing on your own resources to help you live the best possible life.