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"Life opens up in so many ways when your energy has been awakened." Panache Desai

Reiki, a holistic healing approach

Reiki is a healing practice using universal energy, usually carried out by placing hands in a series of positions on or slightly above the body. It enhances healing by activating a relaxation response which in turn helps the body to balance itself at a very deep level. Reiki works on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Treatments can be experienced in different ways by different people. For some, it feels like a wonderful glow that flows through and around you. You may sense warmth where the hands meet the body. Other people experience deep relaxation and a sensation of peace.
For others the treatment simply acts to heal them. The benefits are often felt immediately, although some may only become aware of the change days later.

Reiki is simple, completely natural and totally safe and the results are always beneficial.

What are the main benefits of Reiki?

Member of the Angelic Reiki Association and the British Complementary Medicine Association (N°PO6354)

Debbie Blazy BCMA